This is a web site for Near North Daylilies; the hobby garden of Darlene and Keith Somers.  We are located in Muskoka, about a two-hour drive north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We specialize in Hemerocallis or daylilies.  We grow more than a thousand registered varieties of daylilies that originate from throughout North America.  Each year we hybridize daylilies with the goal of producing new varieties that grow well in Muskoka.  This is a hobby for us, although this hobby does involve a significant amount of our time.  We sell extra divisions of some of the registered cultivars and some seedlings.   A few of our seedlings that are being evaluated for possible introduction are displayed on the ‘seedlings’ page of this site.  Please contact us if you are interested in visiting the gardens.  We would love to talk daylilies with you.